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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Best Of My Blogs

Let's All Celebrate The Best Of My Blogs

FEBRUARY..the month of LOVE and the month of my BIRTH

...And it's when my blue heart started to glow red again...

Blue Heart

"You Are My Eternal Love"...  I realized that the love I once had and thought that was not mine is the ONE...  and now this LOVE will stay with me for the rest of my days...

For The Love Of My Life


"He Is A Jerk And She Is Crazy" No matter how jerk you are or how crazy I may be... still here we are...We work, we play, we love, and we keep to have faith in ourselves, to us, to others and especially to God...All of these ingredients are very important in life to have the true joy and happiness that everyone of us seek to have...

The Love Bugs


"On Scooter A Knight In Eifel Tower At Night"  When this blog was posted, the clicks in my blog went up... I was amazed...  I asked myself, "why?"  LOL
Rich Guy And Poor Guy


"Passionate Love And Poisoned Mind"  One night, I have felt this kind of passion...I got up and wrote them down...

Love tended and nourished
Let it shined, let it flow
You are all I have cherished
Your love crawls, our feelings grow...

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"Remembering My Mom" A mothers day tribute to all Moms out there and especially to my Mom after 9 years since she passed away last January, 2002.
Ahtalia my first to check on her blog...


"The Seasons Of Love With My Love"

Acteur Comique 
Click on to see the arts of my second daughter Greta 
and the comic graphics of my third daughter TJ

My partner and I fell in love on spring
We cannot imagine together not loving or laughing

That thought, we'll be happy forever, what a feeling
To me Falling in love is like spring
It is a magical moment
Spring time, a lavender-scent

We kiss and all just click
Everything seems perfect
Love seems full and eternally
We work together effortlessly

We dance together in harmony
Our good fortune in matrimony

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