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Sunday, March 27, 2011


...this is too cool, watch it!

A Day Made of Glass


Each strokes of blended lines
Pastel shades that are around
Ways flow, hue combines
Lightness play down

Yet the sketches of grimace
Would it rhymed on my taste?

Envision catches my eyes
It moves me, stirs my heart
Caves in passion, never expire
But what if this man of art
Comes bodily and respire...                                                

Would my thoughts the same
Befall would I sane?

For I go envision may bell
Would it jointly dwell?

Would a song truly swell?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He Is A Jerk And She Is Crazy

They both see that their relationship 
is really one of a kind.
They can really connect with each other 
and it’s worth it.
They have no regrets or whatsoever.
It's very clear their love is beyond any other love.

They are soul mates.

They feel this and they choose to believe 
that their love is deep and true.

It is obvious that it is both of them 
needed where they are now.
Because the fact is 
they are both NOT READY 
to have their complete commitment 
with each other.
They are both right, 
they cannot yet accomplished today 
what they both wish to happen 
for both of them to be together,  
no matter how much they love each other, 
but because of their situation 
they have to let go.
And only Time can tell 
when they become ready to be one.
Because when it does, 
they will climb any mountains, cross the sea, 
only to be together.
And they choose to believe 
that they will both feel this, 
when it comes.

She accepts that he is no longer meeting her needs 
as of the moment because he is a jerk. 
But she does not blame him, it is not his fault.

Only, she wants him to know this, 
that even she may be far from him, 
she is here for him 
to constantly be very supportive 
and give him inspiration to his greatest purpose in life.
He is free to his time to process his thing 
and gather his act together and grow more effectively.
She trusts he has the power 
to create the life that he wants to live in. 
She values this 
and she appreciates him for doing this to himself, 
and she is here 
whenever he is ready
because she is crazy. 


Must see, it's very funny!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

In This Cold City

The Twin Tower
I miss New York.  It is one of my favorite cities in the world.I lived in the city when I wrote this poem.
It was winter in New York, 1996 and I miss my lover that time.
So it was really cold and at the same I was alone far away from him.

And now, I moved to a very hot country.  During summer, you wouldn't imagine
how hot it is, that you cannot stand to get inside or in the shade just to get away from the super heat of the sun. Whew! And it's summertime again, yet summer or not, everyday I feel like I am living in a cold city.  Of course, not in the sense as a word "cold weather" like in New York during winter, but I say cold city, because of its strange but very interesting and unique society or culture.  Plus I also miss the one I love at present who is at the distance...

And talking about New York, it is really a great city. I miss New York and I will come back real soon!

In This Cold City
Every time I wake up by dawn
I dream of you…of us…
'til I realized, I 'm alone
And I miss you so much!
In this cold city zone.
When I start thinking of you
I think that's all I knew
And when I do
I feel as if my heart
would split in two…
I wish I were home with you now
'cuz to get through this loneliness
I know not how
Oh, I miss you so much, terribly
Especially in this cold city.
But keep in mind honey
though we're both miles away
Everyday that I lay
In your arms I long to be
and that my love for you
will never fade
but will stay
I miss you babe
In this cold city…

In relation between 2 Cold Cities, you may want to watch this movie.  I am sure you will have fun.