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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Are My Eternal Love

The Look Of Love
I woke up this morning, I say a beautiful Wednesday ! And
those videos here are the songs I heard from my aol jazz radio....they lifted
my heart, they may lifted yours too ;) then I remember to write down a was really expressed coming from the heart and soul of a man who fell in love to his woman.
Your smile is my sunshine
Your tenderness
is the cradle of my heart
Your voice is my endless charm
Your laugh sounds crystal
calling to my delight
Your secret and silent attention
so many, so beautiful
are the incense of my being
You are the essence of sweetness!
Your love is my daily bread
Without your love,
I am death of fallen angel
Your love is my horizon
Without your love,
My life has no meaning
I am a brother, a son, a father
I am your love forever
I love you deeply and sincerely
I am yours,
your love, your man
Fly Me |To The Moon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flying Monkeys

They are everywhere
They are among us
We eat and play with them
Even they bug us
Still we adore them

This thought is funny
But we look around us
We belong to this family
A cliche this may just?
Though it's in our curiosity.

Where all the flying monkeys gone?
Have you seen one?
If you do, be warned
Always be with good ones.
A myth, perhaps?
But choose the best ones 
And please no whines
I bet they are all like us...


I miss you so  dearly...
Fly away up high
Have fun roaming the sky
And when you come by
Be home near me.

San Fabian Beach, Pangasinan
(is that a half moon up there or a flying white monkey?)

A Viking Flying Monkey captured this magnificent view up in the sky



Rafflebery's Coin


Monday, February 14, 2011

Blue Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day
Color red is in and hot
Must everyone is ready
To have a sweetheart
But in this Valentine
Blue Heart is mine
Pulse rate is low
And no longer glow
Last drug failed to work on me
I fear it's gonna be over
But even, you stay with me
Exposing little red left under
Truly you are a love giver
My Blue Heart will soon recover
Happy Valentine’s Day, 

my  dear lover!


Thursday, February 10, 2011


He said:
Today I'm at the stage higher from the months we spent together, 
and now is the stage of construction, 
but sadly we cannot  response to our normal relations, 
and this is not healthy for both of us
but we do not choose our circumstances,
you are a mother and bonds, to fill the perfection…
I have doubts now for our distance
we showed a lot of things too quickly
that even if they are sincere and that we want the best for both us 
but then we cannot accomplish today.
 Our situation makes me unhappy not that I do not love you
But the fact that this love is nothing we can do now.
Today we are older and we have no time to wait
True, I am with you now, but without being convinced that it will have something constructive to us.
my hope and my wish is crumbling with time,
our situation hurt s me today, it is not in my expectations 
and without doubt this is why I am more distant even I love you, 
I know you been a good woman the situation today I'm unhappy 
not because of you, for I truly feel your love and care…
But because right now, I am lost in our relationship, and does not know  if to continue is good,
Yet I am fighting every day for us and I listen to my heart
I know i love you and i stay with you...

And she said:
I feel sad to know that our situation makes you unhappy
and it’s hurting you
I understand your anxiety 
whether our relationship would ever be succeeded or not 
and you feel lost at the moment in our kind of relationship. 
 Being far from each other confuse you if this is good to continue or not?   
Don’t worry, my love, I am with you and I understand you,
 I won’t ever blame you for what you are feeling now.  
My real happiness lies here - in every single moment that we have….
but I do not want you to be unhappy 
Your happiness is mine too. 
And you are very important to me, 
if this is what you think be best for us, 
no longer to be together, then so be it.
I will just do then as you would wish it must happened now with us.
I love you!
You will always got  a friend in me….
We stay together but we are free to find the love we both deserve in the NOW.
It will never be over between us,  We are twins.  If not lovers, we will always be a family.

This is very heart breaking. Two lovers who are truly in love with each 
other yet they choose not to continue. Is it really over between them? I like to
hear some reviews or comments from my readers or followers what they thought about this piece. Thanks for your time.

My 15 year old daughter TJ,  shouting for Peter Pan...

The Love Bugs

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remembering You

Remembering You

Seeing your glance every now and then
 once in a while
With your eyes locked to mine
and a sweet smile
Already like being lifted on air…

Remembering you,
Feeling the warmth of your breath
When you're near me
Hearing the sounds of your heart beat,
When your lips search mine
Caressing my bosom passionately
with your strong hands
Ah, I sure tremble, and shiver gladly!

Remembering  you,
Having your body close to me
Feeling your weight presses hard to mine
Ah, it's sure feel like I am in heaven!

Remembering you,
Oh, gosh! I couldn't wait to hold you closer again
Telling you how much I long for you to have me
Wanting, wishing to wake up with you every morning
Wrapping my arms around you
Staring, giggling, so happy together,
Would this attraction lingers forever?

Remembering you,
and the thoughts of giving myself to you
Hugging you more closer now
 Kissing you much stronger
And you, looking at me so dearly
Joining your body to mine so intensely
Drawing me your fullest thrust within me
Having All of Me, and having your love, 
Yes! Over and over again
Giving me true joy that never end!
Red heart

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Missing You Like A Rock......

The Hundred Islands
A man misses his girl so much that he wrote his feeling in a way that he thought he just got to express them. He took his pen and a piece of paper and started to scribble his feelings in an instant. But afterwards he felt tremendous relief with full of hopes and love for her.

Falling deep down the sea

And I just can't hold back

This touch sensation's heavy!

I am falling, I know

And I just got to let it flow

This feeling is so great

No longer can I contain it...

I look up to your gaze
And my spirit blazed
Like-minded aircraft
Airspeed high so fast
Big time, I gonna crashed!
And only your Grace
Can save me from grave...

This man's feelings to miss his girl so much the way he expressed them is so big, like he may be so far from her, may be some hundred miles away. After reading his girl's mail sent to him. He cannot help but to miss her tremendously:

Come, my love, into my arms.

How greatly I love you and care for you.

I long to cheer your heart and comfort you,
to give you fresh courage, an enlightened mind,
and a heart with wings,
that you might fly into me, into my love...
for with me alone in our intimate higher selves
that you will find the strength you need.
For only in gazing upon my face,
and receiving me through my words and my thoughts
will you find the real love you so desperately wanted...

Have a glimpse to travel to the one of the 
7 Wonders of the World, 
"The Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, Philippines"

Love Bytes On Air