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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Seasons Of Love With My Love

I treat my relationship with my partner like a garden. To progress towards my goal to have our relationship works successfully, it must be watered regularly. I take into account the seasons and all the unpredictable weather that would pass by every day. I know that there are new seeds that must be sown and some weeds that must be pulled. Likewise, a particular attention should be given to my partner to keep the magic of love alive. I must understand every season that would come and maintain the special needs of our love.


Acteur Comique "Spring"

My partner and I fell in love on spring
We cannot imagine together not loving or laughing
That thought, we'll be happy forever, what a feeling
To me Falling in love is like spring
It is a magical moment
Spring time, a lavender-scent
We kiss and all just click
Everything seems perfect
Love seems full and eternally
We work together effortlessly
We dance together in harmony
Our good fortune in matrimony

Acteur Comique "Summer"

Throughout the summer of our love I realize
My partner is not as perfect I should not criticize
Not only is my love different from my thought,
Or he is flawed in some way herein I draught
But he also, the man who makes mistakes
So I must work on our relationship as it takes
It is easier to give love and get the love I need
But now I do not always feel the love grass seed
It is not my image of love that I thought should be
Because I discover that we are not always happy
The frustration and disappointment arise
Weeds must be uprooted at this time with guides
My plants need extra watering under the hot sun
Then my fear of losing hope will soon be gone
'cause it's not spring all the time, I must understand
It sure would take a hard work under a hot sun
I must realize that love is not always easy
So I don't blame him, and I won't gave up easily
I need to feed his needs in the summer of love
I would ask him sweetly I too need his care and love

Acteur Comique "Fall"

The result of my gardening during summer is heaven
I get to reap the fruits of my precious hard work given
Surely fall is here...yes I see it is coming
A glorious golden age- rich and truly fulfilling
I experience a more mature love with my partner
After working hard during those times in summer
I accept now and understand both of our shortcomings
And now... it is time for thanksgiving and sharing
Me and my love can now relax, have fun and get excited
We will both enjoy the great love we have just created.

Acteur Comique "Winter"

Winter arrives when the weather changes
It is cold, all of nature itself recoils
And so does all of my painful feeling emerges
This month of winter really all, it annoys
It is when my lid comes aloof
Where I experience my own unresolved pain
Or my very own shadow fear proof
While I'm aware that he himself feel isn't sane
But this is the time of rest and reflection
A moment needed for relationship restoration
Winter of love is the time for my cell growth
When I look more to myself in retrospect
And where I ask more of his love and respect
Which I understand these things we need both
It's the time to let my love hibernate in his cave
While in the well I fall to manage my own wave
After this time of rejuvenation and healing
By the dark and freezing winter of love
Naturally I wait for the return of spring
Once again I am blessed with my love
Yes the feeling of hope, love, and abundance of possibilities, here
My basis of my inner healing and soul-searching soon would clear
For during my winter trip and adventure with the one I love
Again I'd be able to open my heart to feel with him the spring of love...

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The Seasons Of Love With My Love

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