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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Passionate Love And Poisoned Mind

My Passionate Love Photo Collection

Love tended and nourished
Let it shined, let it flow
You are all I have cherished
Your love crawls, our feelings grow

My love starts yearning
Just let the fire go burning
Orange bodies are now glowing
The heat is over flowing

I thought of you, you thought of me
I breathe in through you intensely
Every part and inch of you, within me
And the all of you in my captivity

You moaned my name, I moaned yours
I would hear melodies in crystal clear
Your passion would be big or gross
You are all mine, you're such a dear

Even miles away our spirits soar
We would find each other to roar
Thunder of Love, we both adore
and we cling on, even we cross the shore

We moved fast, we flew up high
We rolled over, we flipped and sighed
Yet our bodies stuck on together
Never wanted apart from each other

My body shivers, not from cold
But by the heat of your body it gored
Like a river from your thrust I sweat dripped
You soaked in, swam swiftly and deep

I feel you, you are coming near
I hold on you, to you I was glued
Your movement, you kept... no tear
I wiggled with you, we both clawed

I see you clearly now
You're face so tensed yet shining
Mine with you in tow
Both stricken with lightning
We got fully charged, we banged! 

Explosion all over yet we won
Like magic even afar we ganged
This romance we have would abound.
When you knew the power of this love?
Would you rather poison your mind, with... 

Would this love end my freedom?
Would it give me any harm?
Would I feel good with it or be damned?
When you knew your lost when it's gone? 
Would you still end the passion?

Love, have your fear ended,
Not your passion, Instead
Poison all of your doubt
so it won't ever have a sprout
Only would stay then
Is your planted passion within...

You have stayed with me this far
Time already had been wasted
Between us would there be any mar
Still we have the True Joy injected
Within our romance full of agar 
Our passion for both remained congested.

But you have tamed me
With all of your sweetness!
You have owned me fully
With all of your greatness!
Love me with all of your passion
to have me...

Poison your mind to end this love
would kill me
For this passion we have
is so deadly
When this true love of ours
is gone, it's not only I,
But both of us would die...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleepy-Head Got A New Vacuum Cleaner

My friends call me, "the sleepy-head". You would not believe it... but really I sleep deeply. And when I got awaken...Gosh! Still I was not fully awaken yet at all, but still half-slept. But I would be when I get to take my shower...

Today, I am very happy! Finally I got my new vacuum cleaner. 

This morning I was awakened with what I thought a fire alarm. 
Gosh! It was from the long sound of my doorbell! It was really crazy and funny! 

I was startled waking up that I fell down from my bed and rolled over on my floor...I called it, "The Awakening of Despair". 
Without further ado I got up so quickly like I navigated by radar and headed to the door... I thought that I was in the field with full of tanks and heavy artillery. But it was my advantage because I was in my own home... There were no traps, no toes twisted into a chair leg or head banged into a door, "I got so lucky... Yihey! I had thought so...

Afterwards, when I finally reached my door... Oh, you would not believe it, but my door was too heavy for me to open. My door was made of steel at that moment... And on top of that, as soon as I opened my door, I saw the villain. 

I was mixed up when I saw the delivery man with his big smile from ear to ear. He was happy to succeed in waking me up and had finished his mission. 
I did not say a thing... He left the package on the floor, just next to my barefooted-farmer-like-feet and had gone away so fast. 

I was left puzzled, like I did not understand what had happened... I just found myself on my doorstep with no robe on. I was only wearing my undies, with my tousled hair and a mug without a name. In that brief period of time, I was raised like a cardboard box. Really, the delivery man had won a battle but not war...And a bit lucky too, to see a half-naked sleepy-head woman...

I went back to bed, telling myself that, it was all just a nightmare... 

But it was not! 

Because, when I opened and rubbed my sleepy eyes this morning, my first vision of horror was my new vacuum cleaner. 

I could not lie to myself... Now, I have no excuse for not doing anything but to manage the cleaning of my house...gosh! 

My old vacuum cleaner was no longer working. I climbed a ladder, and lifted the vacuum's pipe, to reach and suction out the spider webs from my ceiling. The pipe was broken. Whew! And the vacuum machine fell down so hard on my floor, Yay! I could hear the mocking laughter of the queen spider... ehehehe

And as for me, being the sleepy-head... really, it was a big adventure! It surely was my funny way to get a new vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, my day is better now, except the cleaning part, ehehehe... 
I bet the queen spider has moved away... For her, it was not funny at all!
You thought so too? ehehehe...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nature Lovers

A Flower And A Butterfly
In a garden, thousand miles away, all kinds of flowers bloom everyday and different variation of colorful butterflies fly everywhere in this huge garden.

Everyday, one of the gods known as Green God tends to this garden. He makes sure that all of the plants have their newly formed buds daily. From the sky, up above, He would enjoy the scenery these flowers and butterflies bring to nature. These remarkable living things color the days of all mankind. Truly, they nourish our beings, and give cheerfulness and happiness to our hearts.

In this garden, there are lots of things going on among the plants and other creatures around it. The drama happens when all the plants started to bud and then later when this bud would soon become a flower.

When a flower blooms, it looks so sweet and so pretty, so young and so fresh and all butterflies will go after her. These butterflies may have multiple variations in their coloration and they are all colorful and beautiful too. But all of these butterflies wanted only one thing. All of them wanted to get and have a taste of a honey or sweet. The juicy honey of a flower. 

One day a beautiful flower started to bloom. Green God named her Rosa. This kind of plant is a prickly bush or shrub that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowers. Rosa is rare, because she has the combination of all the colors. She got the attention of all the butterflies, even the bees, or the beetles and birds as well. They all admire her stunning beauty. 

All butterflies flying around the garden went crazy. They quarrel who among them would be the first one to touch her and be lucky to taste her honey. But Rosa just remains easy and silent. Everyday and every night she would be moved by the wind. Either she would be swinging side by side or swirling around, she maintains an aura of mystery. She is very appealing even she would shiver from a cold wind, or even looked pale from exposure under the sun or lack of water. But Green God and nature take care of all her needs. She would soon be more attractive and gorgeous that all butterflies are so anxious to get her honey. But because of the wind, it is not easy to touch her. Some butterflies would just get tired. Some of them would just fly away and look for another. Others would have felt desperately sad and have left themselves to have no choice but to just fly and be far away from her temptation.

One day, a very unique and nice butterfly flew by and crossed over this huge garden. His name is Skipper. He saw this gorgeous flower in one corner of the garden where, there were only buds surrounding it. She got his attention because of her spectacular color and gracefulness when the blow of the wind leads her. He started to adore her. He tried to come near her. He began to skip up and down, yet he found it so hard to even take a quick dip on her pretty petals. He got so curious of her beauty and could not wait to touch her. He stayed as closer as he could even he could not join her. He tried many times, but nothing happened. He did not give up though. Until then he decided to stay and watch her. 

The sky already became dark but Skipper never left. He patiently watched over her from the stillness of the night, with only the moonlight shining on her. By the smooth whistle of the wind, Rosa never stopped dancing. Under the moonlight, she was glowing too, like fire. No wonder, this butterfly got fell in love with her. When the first strike of day light came, amazing thing happened. By a chance the wind suddenly stopped. So Rosa stood still, and immediately Skipper touched her and sipped her honey, and she...she just gave her honey freely and loving it.... From then on they stayed inseparable until day break.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Remembering My Mom on Mother's Day

My mom with my youngest sister and little brother and me in my favorite orange mini-dress given to me by my godfather ;)


 “To All Moms”
Every time I feel gloomy or hurt
I come to your side for your comfort
You’re the only person who knows me better
You understand my needs and wants
You are always there, always available for me
No matter how busy you may be
You make sure, to give me the answers
Of all the things I seek for in life…

You are not only a mom but also my best friend
You are very honest to tell me things that will not do me good
Yes there are times we fight and have misunderstandings
Because it’s quite obvious we have our generation gaps
But in spite of all of these, you manage to calm down
You have a big heart and big mind to accept all of me
You are easy to forgive my misgivings and bad behaviors
You do not tolerate my tantrums
Even it makes you furious and peeved
You just ignore all of my whining and complaints
Because you knew that it is for my own benefits later in life

Everything you have taught me 
ever since I was little were all true
Now, I am a Mom myself 
I have understood them all
Your love is unconditional and eternal…

My Mom Her Sweetness And Loveliness

When I feel happy, as I always am
Still you are around, sharing all of these joys I have
No matter how far or near you may be
You make sure to reach out on me
To make me feel your presence
And make me feel your joy that
You are proud of me