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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remembering My Mom On Her Birthday Today...

My mom with my youngest sister and little brother and me in my favorite orange mini-dress given to me by my godfather ;)

 “Happy Birthday Mom”

Every time I feel gloomy or hurt
I come to your side for your comfort
You’re the only person who knows me better
You understand my needs and wants
You are always there, always available for me
No matter how busy you may be
You make sure, to give me the answers
Of all the things I seek for in life…

You are not only a mom but also my best friend
You are very honest to tell me things that will not do me good
Yes there are times we fight and have misunderstandings
Because it’s quite obvious we have our generation gaps
But in spite of all of these, you manage to calm down
You have a big heart and big mind to accept all of me
You are easy to forgive my misgivings and bad behaviors
You do not tolerate my tantrums
Even it makes you furious and peeved
You just ignore all of my whining and complaints
Because you knew that it is for my own benefits later in life

Everything you have taught me 
ever since I was little were all true
Now, I am a Mom myself 
I have understood them all
Your love is unconditional and eternal…

My Mom Her Sweetness And Loveliness

When I feel happy, as I always am
Still you are around, sharing all of these joys I have
No matter how far or near you may be
You make sure to reach out on me
To make me feel your presence
And make me feel your joy that
You are proud of me

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Music Passion- Jazz

I love love this song.  It was the song I was singing and dancing with when I first met my first love... my first kiss :) It was a wonderful and magical moment...

 I really believe in the saying or quote: "First Love Never Dies".
You know, it's not there anymore but when you have thought about it, the feeling is just there...sitting in your heart :)  
You just see yourself smiling and happy about it.... mmmm :)

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