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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Are My Eternal Love

The Look Of Love
I woke up this morning, I say a beautiful Wednesday ! And
those videos here are the songs I heard from my aol jazz radio....they lifted
my heart, they may lifted yours too ;) then I remember to write down a was really expressed coming from the heart and soul of a man who fell in love to his woman.
Your smile is my sunshine
Your tenderness
is the cradle of my heart
Your voice is my endless charm
Your laugh sounds crystal
calling to my delight
Your secret and silent attention
so many, so beautiful
are the incense of my being
You are the essence of sweetness!
Your love is my daily bread
Without your love,
I am death of fallen angel
Your love is my horizon
Without your love,
My life has no meaning
I am a brother, a son, a father
I am your love forever
I love you deeply and sincerely
I am yours,
your love, your man
Fly Me |To The Moon

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