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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

On Scooter A Knight In The Eiffel Tower At Night

A knight on scooter 

drove along this beautiful tower...

The Eiffel Tower

What a beautiful night! 
Fresh lovely air swift along his skin 

with his sweet thoughts 

for his beautiful Queen

On the other side of the globe....

Yes, smiling graciuosly back to him....

waiting for his return back 

to her arms once again....

The Knight shouted:

"To you, my queen, 

I was pushing all the winds, across the seas, 

I explored distant lands, 

conquered kingdoms for your fame, 

I have rallied all the peoples to your cause,

won the moon,

lit the stars,

tamed the sun.

I found the strength in my faith in you.

I feel your breath caress my skin,

it is time for me to come back, 

cover you with glory,

seeing you nestled in my arms,

and that our karma can form a savant 

mix once again.

I do allegiance,

"not only for what you are 

but also for what I become 

when I'm with you".

My queen is unique and perfect. 

I got to shout this out to the world!"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Forever Lover

Taj Forever Be...

My heart is crying out loud
Am I now in my real world?
to where I am
with my forever lover's arms?
coz' I'll always remember
this lovely day with you
when your voice started dancing
in my head to toe
it travels to my brain
flows like a river
thru my veins
then it shoots out
from my toes
reaching out, now clinging
more deeply
within my soul...
I can hear music playing
for so long I have never
just then I remember
that I knew this kind of feeling
Yes with this....I may say,
I am with you my forever lover!
but really...
Have we finally found each other,
coz' if we truely are
surely through we'll be shining...
And as we united
Our true joy,
Our sweet laughters,
and all of these we will know
for the whole universe would glow
with thunder....
Oh! Forever Lover
we must come together
we breath, we love
we will have more joy!
You and Me with ALL that IS

Forever Lover-A Long Distance Love Affair