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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cliff And The Bridge

TJ's Comique Graphics

I recalled my feeling when I was standing on the other side of the cliff and I was watching you smile at me. I felt so sad back then because I could not be with you. There was no bridge to get to you. So I turned to my friend and asked for help. He agreed quickly and became my bridge to get to you.
Crossing the bridge made my entire step Wave just like my heart with question, "Is this what you really want?"
I turned my face towards my friend. I looked at him with teary eyes. He held the bridge tightly so that I would not fall off the bridge. He told me not to be scared. I held my chest. I was feeling my own heartbeat. Just then I knew what I have really wanted. With complete determination, head turning towards my friend, I told him that I loved him. But it was too late. He already had someone special who would love him very much dearly other than me.
Being his friend I couldn't tear down our precious relationship...
Being his friend I let him go and be with the one he truly loves...
I let him let go of the bridge he had made for me and let it waver.
I was stuck in the middle of the bridge... I was planning on to jump off the bridge and let go of this wavering feelings of sadness and regret... And there you were holding my hands tightly not letting me to jump off the bridge. You were looking at me with those serious eyes. Those eyes let my heart swelled. They made me cry.


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