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Amazing when the attraction comes between men and women and where the force of attraction happens to be so active at that moment they begin to have this intense feeling to be together no matter the distance may be. Come and join me to explore the adventures that are written in this article entitled "A LONG DISTANCE LOVE AFFAIR", I am sure we will all have fun.

This is about having a relationship to someone you have not met them yet in person or either you might have met them in real life, but already you feel like you have known them all your life. The relationship is so perfect and wonderful until you come to the point that you would met them in person and then you realized that the relationship
would not work at all or it might work but both of you should really work things out to have the relationship gets to a happy ending.

Long distance relationship works not to everyone but it does to other people who are really that determine to pursue each other to their purpose to be together and to live together.

There are different ways on how you would encounter long distance love and it is very famous on the dating website, or the gaming website, or a friend from the net introduce you to a friend of her or his, or meeting them in a resort or to one of your trips… Either what you want to call it, when men and women expressing their love mostly on web or air, it is commonly known as Long Distance Love.

Is this Long Distance Love for you? Well here are some stories you may want to read. Have fun and enjoy reading them. I will write more about this since I am at the moment into it myself. So I take you in my journey…..

By the way, some stories that I will write here may be in some way similar to your stories, or to others whom you know? But I am writing this to help others who may be interested in a long distance love gain ideas and to have more understanding to those who found their true love through long distance affair or courtship.


I will begin with this kind of LDL (long distance love). My friend invited me to this social website so I joined and signed up. Then one morning I received a mail that this guy likes to add me as his friend. He look handsome and his information catches my eyes so I accepted his invite. The communication started there. We exchanged e-mails. From there we write each other and tried to get to know each other. And the thoughts that we give each other make sense that I kind a have to feel something about this man and I am basing my feelings for this, from the picture that he sent to me plus the thought that one day we will meet each other face to face.

Each strokes of blended lines
Pastel shades that are around
Ways flow, hue combines
Lightness play down

Yet the sketches of grimace
Would it rhymed on my taste?

Envision catches my eyes
It moves me, stirs my heart 
Caves in passion, never expire
But what if this man of art
Comes bodily and respire...
Would my thoughts the same
Befall would I sane?

For I go envision may bell
Would it jointly dwell?
Would a song truly swell?

And then after months of writing each other, we both decided to call each other. The feeling grows as you write each other, you know? And every time I read his e-mails they just make my day, so that I always look forward to his mails before I go to work in the morning. No wonder because this guy seems funny, he makes me laugh in his stories. He shares me things what happen to his work, his childhood stories, his family backgrounds and all his likes and dislikes. So this is it the feeling grows as we go along and then now we will be calling each other? Wow! At first I kind a bit hesitant to give my number but then again I will never know more if I don't? So I gave him my number. This time I feel so excited and nervous too. What will be my reaction when finally I get to hear his voice? Would he sound weird? Would I like to hear him after all?
Guys, I fell in love with the picture he sent me, you know.  His image already plays in my mind.  He got this lime green eyes that make me float in the air.  They are like a river welcoming me to swim, giving me chills and warm feelings inside.  He said he is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He plays tennis and he loves driving fast cars.  He is also a golfer. He is 4 years divorced now from his 2 years in marriage but no kids.   Full of mystery awaits me until I will meet him in flesh.
We get on-line everyday whenever we had a chance.  We e-Mail each other.When he goes to visit his parents in Sweden, he will just leave me an offline message.  One time he gave them a visit and it was his sister's birthday.  He will find time to go-online with me using his iPhone and he will tell me what's going on at that moment, as if like I was with him too.  He told me that he already mentioned me to his parents and sister, and that they all say their hello to me.  Of course, I feel so happy about this and thrilled at the same time.  But then at the back of my mind it says something like, are these events really happening?  It sounded so good to be true, right?  Well, he is so sweet to bring me along thru his iPhone with his family.  I can not wait to finally talk to him.
So okay, we are now in our 2 months of LDL, and at this period, we only make chats and sending mails.  We talk a lot of many things, his work, my work, our past relationships, our college days and of course we are both looking for that right relationship to come.  He hates divorces, so that now he is really looking for that someone to love and to spend the rest of his life with.  His ex-wife is a fashion model and she left him for a much richer but old man in his 60's.  He caught them on the act together in his own bed.  One night he came home unexpectedly. His wife thought he will come back home after a week from his business travel.  But his business transaction was cancelled so his travel was shorter than a week. He did not bother to call her wife to surprise her. He went home straight missing his wife, only to find out that she was cheating on him. 
He is a business man and his business needs him to travel around the world. 
He has a house in Sweden, one in France where he goes to visit only during summer.  He also has one in Miami and the one in Italy is where he stays a lot because it is where his main office located.  They owned a family car business.  His father is now on his early 80's so as the eldest and only son, he is now appointed as the President of the Apel Car Company Ltd.  I am a self-employed and also a business woman, so that we understood each other in this field of running our own business, although mine is a computer shop and a cafe. I am a free-spirited woman and still single.  I go on dates and have few flings but nothing I find serious at this time in my late 30's.  I am also very busy and active in my work that I enjoy very much plus writing is my precious hobby.  I am so curious of LDL relationship that I wanted to find it out myself.  And now I am at the moment into it.  And really this guy fascinates me and whew!  It gives me ghost bumps to the thought that he is now going to call me.



Would you happen to have experienced a long distance love (LDL) affair? I and our readers will be happy to hear from you.  Please feel free to open up and share your stories with us, and I will have them post here the most exciting one.  We will have more stories to share with you about this kind of relationship.  Interested?  Stay tune with me... ;)

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