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Thursday, February 10, 2011


He said:
Today I'm at the stage higher from the months we spent together, 
and now is the stage of construction, 
but sadly we cannot  response to our normal relations, 
and this is not healthy for both of us
but we do not choose our circumstances,
you are a mother and bonds, to fill the perfection…
I have doubts now for our distance
we showed a lot of things too quickly
that even if they are sincere and that we want the best for both us 
but then we cannot accomplish today.
 Our situation makes me unhappy not that I do not love you
But the fact that this love is nothing we can do now.
Today we are older and we have no time to wait
True, I am with you now, but without being convinced that it will have something constructive to us.
my hope and my wish is crumbling with time,
our situation hurt s me today, it is not in my expectations 
and without doubt this is why I am more distant even I love you, 
I know you been a good woman the situation today I'm unhappy 
not because of you, for I truly feel your love and care…
But because right now, I am lost in our relationship, and does not know  if to continue is good,
Yet I am fighting every day for us and I listen to my heart
I know i love you and i stay with you...

And she said:
I feel sad to know that our situation makes you unhappy
and it’s hurting you
I understand your anxiety 
whether our relationship would ever be succeeded or not 
and you feel lost at the moment in our kind of relationship. 
 Being far from each other confuse you if this is good to continue or not?   
Don’t worry, my love, I am with you and I understand you,
 I won’t ever blame you for what you are feeling now.  
My real happiness lies here - in every single moment that we have….
but I do not want you to be unhappy 
Your happiness is mine too. 
And you are very important to me, 
if this is what you think be best for us, 
no longer to be together, then so be it.
I will just do then as you would wish it must happened now with us.
I love you!
You will always got  a friend in me….
We stay together but we are free to find the love we both deserve in the NOW.
It will never be over between us,  We are twins.  If not lovers, we will always be a family.

This is very heart breaking. Two lovers who are truly in love with each 
other yet they choose not to continue. Is it really over between them? I like to
hear some reviews or comments from my readers or followers what they thought about this piece. Thanks for your time.

My 15 year old daughter TJ,  shouting for Peter Pan...

The Love Bugs

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  1. I hope that the two of them will end up together as lovers in the story. If what they have is Real Love, I believe they will.
    We can't buy LOVE. It is given freely without any expectation. But in a relationship, love is given to those who are ready to accept our love and also ready to love us back.