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Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Thanksgiving Day Prayer

My Thanksgiving Day Prayer
That I May Be Truly Thankful For All My Blessings!
My dear loving Father in Heaven, whose glory filled all things, this is the time when I come to You not with a wish or a plea, but with a song - a song of Thanksgiving for You!

You know how many times I come to You with questions and fears.  Yet, truly I am thankful that You always calm my fears and answer my questions.

But today, my dear Father, I come to You for I want to learn to be thankful for all my blessings, for such blessings as love and health and happy friendships and home life.

Help me, my dear Father, to be thankful for what I have - so that starting with that, You may increase it more and more.  May I always be thankful for all these good things, dear Father - for my life and my living and for the wonderful joy of family, especially for my mom who already in Your Kingdom had helped me understand the wonder of Your love, for my faithful friends, and to all my new friends in the blogging community and other co-bloggers who, just like me, have a lot to share too around the world.  For I believe each of us are here for a reason.

Yes, help me to be doubly thankful for this privilege of praying to You, my dear Father.  But above all, may I be thankful for Your greatest gift, Your Son, my Saviour, who, though He was great, humbled himself that I might live more abundantly and be lifted up.  In His name.
- Amen

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