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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleepy-Head Got A New Vacuum Cleaner

My friends call me, "the sleepy-head". You would not believe it... but really I sleep deeply. And when I got awaken...Gosh! Still I was not fully awaken yet at all, but still half-slept. But I would be when I get to take my shower...

Today, I am very happy! Finally I got my new vacuum cleaner. 

This morning I was awakened with what I thought a fire alarm. 
Gosh! It was from the long sound of my doorbell! It was really crazy and funny! 

I was startled waking up that I fell down from my bed and rolled over on my floor...I called it, "The Awakening of Despair". 
Without further ado I got up so quickly like I navigated by radar and headed to the door... I thought that I was in the field with full of tanks and heavy artillery. But it was my advantage because I was in my own home... There were no traps, no toes twisted into a chair leg or head banged into a door, "I got so lucky... Yihey! I had thought so...

Afterwards, when I finally reached my door... Oh, you would not believe it, but my door was too heavy for me to open. My door was made of steel at that moment... And on top of that, as soon as I opened my door, I saw the villain. 

I was mixed up when I saw the delivery man with his big smile from ear to ear. He was happy to succeed in waking me up and had finished his mission. 
I did not say a thing... He left the package on the floor, just next to my barefooted-farmer-like-feet and had gone away so fast. 

I was left puzzled, like I did not understand what had happened... I just found myself on my doorstep with no robe on. I was only wearing my undies, with my tousled hair and a mug without a name. In that brief period of time, I was raised like a cardboard box. Really, the delivery man had won a battle but not war...And a bit lucky too, to see a half-naked sleepy-head woman...

I went back to bed, telling myself that, it was all just a nightmare... 

But it was not! 

Because, when I opened and rubbed my sleepy eyes this morning, my first vision of horror was my new vacuum cleaner. 

I could not lie to myself... Now, I have no excuse for not doing anything but to manage the cleaning of my house...gosh! 

My old vacuum cleaner was no longer working. I climbed a ladder, and lifted the vacuum's pipe, to reach and suction out the spider webs from my ceiling. The pipe was broken. Whew! And the vacuum machine fell down so hard on my floor, Yay! I could hear the mocking laughter of the queen spider... ehehehe

And as for me, being the sleepy-head... really, it was a big adventure! It surely was my funny way to get a new vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, my day is better now, except the cleaning part, ehehehe... 
I bet the queen spider has moved away... For her, it was not funny at all!
You thought so too? ehehehe...

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