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Saturday, October 15, 2011

When A Man Would Love A Woman

In a distance, words, thoughts,
actions and feelings bestowed...
From there we found to love each other
and fell in love...
Yes, there is no doubt with our love
And one of us, has to reach out
To know whether this love is for real
and forever...
But task has come...
Flesh to flesh here we are...
Some questions exist...
And answers are yet to find...
Yet in spite of all
I am sure of what is now
I longed to really feel you
So profoundly,
I will give you my all!
I love you no matter what...

I know and I feel
And always, I will
be with you surreal!
I have found you
that even it was not I
you would settled on
it would never be your flaw...
And even then
I will always be your friend
For all you knew
I have truly loved you
And will love you 'til the end...
In my heart, I keep you
In my mind, l cherish you
I breathe, because of you
My woman, I treasure you...


I'm on the sunny side of the hedge
When I met you...
And the soft impeachment we both share
Will be the due
For me to be over head and ears
In loving you...
Love, I'm for you to smile upon
When you feel bore,
And you're the woman after my own heart
I set before.
I can't tell much, but I do need you,
And love you more...


I see you everyday and every night...
I hear your sweet voice any moment...
I feel your every move,
your every breath,
your every desire...
I may have known everything about you--
all your wants, all your lacks.
I see your heart and all that is in it,
and I deeply love you.
Whenever I am not by your side...
Always have in mind that,
I long to hold you, to caress you
and kiss away the hurts and loneliness,
I long to comfort you, to soothe you,
and to pour my balm of love upon you,
I long to blow away every cloud of confusion
and to soothe your ruffled nerves,
I long to melt away the boredom,
turn every deep longing into marvelous fulfillment
and true satisfaction,
I long to give you all my loving,
All my caring that will never end...
I love you!
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